Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Vol.68, No.6, 2016

Prediction of Landslide]dam height and length based on previous data

Norio HARADA, Ken’ichirou KOSUGI, Yoshifumi SATOFUKA and Takahisa MIZUYAMA

Many large]scale landslides occurred due to heavy rain influenced by climate change and earthquakes. Landslide dams are caused by large]scale slope collapses. Predicting dam failure is important as hazardous flooding may result downstream when landslide dams burst. Accurate prediction of the length and height of a dam, from two]dimensional landslide maps, is necessary as a countermeasure against the disasters they cause. In this study, previous landslide dam failures were investigated, the relationship between dam scale and the topographical characteristics of the region was established, and novel analysis for the accurate prediction of structural integrity was proposed. Finally, we demonstrated prediction accuracy using data from the dam height and length of recent landslide dams.

Key wordsFLandslide dam, dam height and length, topography, statistics, prediction

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