Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Vol.68, No.6, 2016

Experimental study of the influence of sand grain size and inflow discharge on
landslide dam deformation process and outflow discharge

Fumiaki AKAZAWA and Yoshifumi SATOFUKA

When landslide dam retaining a large amount of water bursts, it causes floods and catastrophic damage downstream. Therefore, the study of landslide dam deformation and the prediction of the outflow discharge of dam bursts are essential for predicting flood potential and the risks associated with flood. This study focuses on understanding the outflow discharge because of landslide dam deformation by overtopping. The outflow discharge depends on the soil type of the dam materials and discharge of inflow from upstream. However, the influence of different in grain size of sand and temporal changes of inflow discharge for outflow discharge has not been fully understood in existing studies. In this study, we conducted flume experiments to observe the above]mentioned factors on outflow discharge. The effects of these influences on landslide dam deformation and outflow discharge are discussed in this study.

Key wordsFlandslide dam, overtopping, outflow discharge, grain size

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