Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
Vol.68 No.4, Ser. No.321 September 2015


in Japanese


Influences of boundary condition of pipe on acoustic wave deformation
Ken GOTO, Takahiro ITOH, Takahiko NAGAYAMA, Mio KASAI and Tomomi MARUTANI 3

Technical Papers

Recognition, opinion and evaluation of sabo by the residents around debris flow disaster stricken area in Miyake Island
Hiroshi MAKINO, Naoki NISHIMURA, Masaaki MANTOKU, Yoshiharu ISHIKAWA and Haruo NISHIMOTO  12
Aging of INSEM and INSEM structures in natural environments
Hajime SATO, Tomoyuki ABE and Kazuhiro MINAMINO  20

General Review

Characteristics of the Act for Prevention of Disasters Due to Collapse of Steep Slopes seen from its aim and roles act played in nonstructural measures against sediment disasters
Hiroshi MAKINO and Yukihiro ASAHINA  28

Technical Note

Study on the date processing method algorithm for small fish with the resistivity fish counter
Yutaka GONDA, Yasuyuki KONDO and Kaho NAKAMURA  37

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