Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Vol.67, No.3, 2014

Experimental reseach on long-term durability of the SABO soil cementiINSEMjtargeted cohesive soil

Hideki TANAKA, Yukio NOMOTO, Kazuyuki OHSAWA and Kazuya YAGISAWA

In terms of the SABO soil cement business which is aiming at zero emission, it is a big subject to utilize100%cohesive soil and we need to consider for measures utilize the earth and sand effectively. In SABO dam filled INSEM materials, due to be worse than concrete in terms of freeze]thaw durability and wear resistance etc, generally, a plan, application of outside protective texture and the section are wider than usual, is constructed. however, there is few study case related to degradation of filled material before, and it is necessary to comprehend the relation among many kinds of influencing factor about long]term stability for two cases. one is field]generated soil consists of cohesive soil and another is bad condition in the field.
As a result of the SABO soil cement (INSEM), about the cohesive soil of this survey sample, compressive strength:1.2N/mm2 is confirmed as threshold by repeat of drying and wetting. In the case of dispersion into consideration, if it aims at site average compressive strength:3.0N/mm2, it is considered that it ensures long term durability by repeat of drying and wetting. Moreover, the value exceeds threshold:2.6N/mm2 by freezing and thawing and it was considered as an aim value to construct more stable dam structure.

Key wordsFsoil cement, INSEM (IN]situ Stabilized Excavation Materials), cohesive soil, long]term durability

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