Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Vol.67, No.3, 2014

The influence of artificial structures including erosion control works on the torrent flow environment

Tetsuya KUBOTA, Masafumi MURAKI, Ryosuke OKUYAMA and Yoshinori SHINOHARA

To maintain the torrent environment under construction of erosion control facilities such as check dams and channel works, evaluating their influence on the torrent environment such as torrent flow velocity or water depth and their space]time fluctuations is essential. The field investigation and statistical analysis were conducted to clarify the influence of the artificial structures on the flow conditions in torrents. We found that the artificial structures tend to simplify the flow conditions and reduce the fluctuation and/or turbulence of flow that associates complex natural flow condition.

Key wordsFtorrent, flow condition, Sabo facility, check dams, fractal, complexity

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