Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Vol.65,No.1, 2012

Progress of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering

Sohei ABE and Masao OKAMOTO


This paper mainly concerns the following matters since 1980, with reference to the Journal and the documents of the JSECE, etc.
1) The main amendment and changes of articles and regulations, before transferring to the incorporated association and thereafter
2) Sections and committees to execute society affairs and their contents
3) Size and composition of membership , during its transition
4) The number and themes of papers and technical reports in the Journal of the JSECE, and the themes of research presentations. The number of presentations and presenters organizational belongings, their transition. Trends in symposium, workshop, investigation and research activities.
5) Publishing, urgent disaster investigations domestically or overseas, contract research activities, international academic exchange, etc.

Key wordsFsociety activities, society management, transition of finance

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