Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
Vol.64 No.4, Ser. No.297, November 2011


in Japanese


Micromechanics on stratification and uplift of large particle in granular flow using DEM
Kenichi MAEDA, Megumi TACHII, Masatoshi FUKUMA  3
Probabilistic evaluation on Rock Capturing Performance of series check dam system
Joji SHIMA, Ryo KATADE, Kazunori TAKAHASHI, Satoshi KATSUKI, Nobutaka ISHIKAWA  15

Technical Reports

The present condition and issues concerning the project to promote the removal of housing from landslide risk cliff areas
   Michiya IRASAWA, Nagisa MEGURO  25

Technical Notes

Numerical simulation of varied flow at confluence and curved channel by using unstructured grids
   Hideaki MIZUNO, Nobutomo OSANA  33

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