Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
Vol.62 No.6, Ser. No.287, March 2010


in Japanese

Special Issue: Sediment‐related disaster prevention facilities and the effect


Proposal for design method to improve redundancy for steel check dam
Ryo KATADE, Satoshi KATSUKI and Joji SHIMA 3
Study on seismic resistance evaluation for Sabo dam using earthquake observation records
Nagazumi TAKEZAWA, Taro UCHIDA and Keiji TAMURA 15

Technical Notes

Study on structural measures for reducing disaster risk of natural lake formed by natural barrier
   Hideaki MIZUNO and Nobutomo OSANAI 24
Experimental study of steel grid dam for debris flow composed by small rock
   Hiroshi MORIYAMA, Mitsunori KATO, Akihiko TAKANO and Takanori KAWAMURA 30
Method of Setting up sabo structures by helicopter without construction path
   Mitsunori KATO, Hiroshi MORIYAMA, Takanori KAWAMURA and Akihiko TAKANO 34
Improvement and design of wire net dam
   Kazuhito SHIMOJO, Hiroyuki UMEZAWA and Hiroshi MORIYAMA 38
Problem and counter measures on operation and maintenance of open type steel check dam
   Kazuhiko HOSHINO and Masami ITO 43

General reviews

History and futures assignment of technology for open type steel SABO dams
   Shigekiyo TABATA and Hiroshi MORIYAMA 47
Challenges and new horizons for utilization of wood in the field of erosion control engineering
   Yoshiharu ISHIKAWA 52

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