Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
Vol.61 No.4, Ser. No.279, November 2008


in Japanese


Influence of bedrock projections and large rocks on sediment transport in a mountainous gorge channel
Suk Woo KIM, Ken GOTO, Kun Woo CHUN and Tomomi MARUTANI  3
A case study of Influences on the bed load detection rate of hydrophone system exerted by flow discharges
Hiroaki NAKAYA  12

Research Notes

Evaluation of the safety of disaster dangerous places and the effect of the countermeasures against calamites construction using the critical line of the sediment‐related disaster
   Hiroyuki OHISHI, Nobuyuki KAWADA, Hiroaki TAKEMOTO and Kohei FURUKAWA 21
Deposition and erosion at a river confluence due to a difference in peak flood times
   Satoru MASDA, Takahisa MIZUYAMA, Akira ODA and Hideaki OTSUKI 27
Changes in sediment discharge after the collapse of Mt.Bawakaraeng in south Sulawesi, Indonesia
   Laurentia DHANIO, Takahisa MIZUYAMA, Ken'ichirou KOSUGI and Agnes RAMPISELA 32
Influence of design high water level,warm index, and maximum snow depth on deterioration rate of wooden crib dams
   Quoc Dung DANG, Yoshiharu ISHIKAWA and Katsushige SHIRAKI 39


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