Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Vol.61,No.3,2008

The sediment]related disaster which occurred with the 2008 (2008) Iwate and Miyagi inland earthquake

Michiya IRASAWA, Motoyuki USHIYAMA, Hiroshi KAWABE, Masaharu FUJITA, Yoshifumi SATOFUKA, DaisukeHIGAKI, Taro UCHIDA and Akihiko IKEDA


The earthquake occurred in the Iwate Prefecture inland southern part at the time at eight forty]three a.m. on June 14th in 2008. At magnitude 7.2, in the focal region in Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture, the large]scale landslide disaster generated this earthquake. As for featuring an earthquake this time, little damage at the building occurs whereas it is in the characteristic that there is much landslide disaster in the upland. The large]scale dirt production phenomenon with the scale which crosses 10,000,000 m3 occurred. Also, a lot of landslide dams emerge and the danger of the burst continues. By the purpose to grasp the disaster actual state this time, it composed an urgent probe squad belong with Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering sent. This report is the one to have gathered the result.

Key wordsFTohoku district, Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture, earthquake, sediment]related disaster, landslide dam

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