Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, Vol.61,No.3,2008

Characteristics of Sediment related disasters triggered by the Noto]Hantou Earthquake

Setsuo HAYASI, Kanji KONDO, Hiroshi KAWABE, Masaaki HANAOKA, Kazuya AKIYAMA, Shinya NUMAMOTO, Keiji MUKAI, Mutsutoshi FUKUDA and Shigeru SUZUKI


In this report, characteristics of sediment related disasters triggered by the Noto]Hantou Earthquake was described. And theyare summarized as follows. The area where the sediment disasters occurred was almost located within the range of 500]700 gal of the earthquake acceleration except small]scale slope failure disasters. Slope failures which occurred around the surface part of earthquake fault located comparatively high density. As for the slope failures of the inland, damages occurred mainly in the consolidated or semisolid sedimentary layer of Miocene by presumed from the house damage and geological features of the slope failure situation. By the examination of earthquake acceleration and velocity component, the earthquake movement reached to the mountanious slope covered with thin topsoil layer and coastal erosion cliff in Wajima]city and Shika]town estimated at the same level as the earthquake record of Togi observation point.

Key wordsFearthquake, Noto]Hantou, slope failure, accelaration, damage

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