Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
Vol.61 No.1, Ser. No.276, May 2008


in Japanese


Investigation of a prototype system for detecting debris flows using vibration sensors: case study along the Nojiri River
Tsuneo OHSUMI, Hiroshi ASAHARA and Etsuro SHIMOKAWA  3

Technical Report

Priority examination of Sabo improvement project based on evaluation of vulnerable spots for sediment‐related disasters with Data Envelopment Analysis
   Tomohisa FUKUDA, Hiroyuki OISHI, Wataru INOUE, Yousuke NISHIO and Kohei FURUKAWA 1
Heat transfer into shelter buried by pyroclastic flow and insulation methods
   Takashi YAMADA 21

Research Notes

A study of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility in artificial deposits prepared by sediment discharge experiment and in mountain stream deposits
   Takashi ITO and Hideo SAKAI 29
Bedload measurement by acoustic energy with Hydrophone for high sediment transport rate
   Takahisa MIZUYAMA, Miwa MATSUOKA and Michinobu NONAKA 35

Technical Notes

Discrimination of wind‐fallen trees using airborn LIDAR
   Koji SUZUKI, Kazuki MATSUMURA and Shigeharu MATSUOKA 39

General Review

Disaster prevention technologies on Usu volcano in 2000
   Yasuhiro SHIONO and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 46

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