Journal of the Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
Vol.60 No.1, Ser. No.270, May 2007


in Japanese


Evaluation of the danger of debris‐flow torrents in view of the effect value of measure constructions using Support Vector Machine
Hiroyuki OHISHI, Yeboon YUN, Hirotaka NAKAYAMA and Kohei FURUKAWA  3
Bed variation model considering porosity change in riverbed material
   Muhammad SULAIMAN, Masaharu FUJITA and Daizo TSUTSUMI 11
A study of accuracy verification and practicality of riverbeds gravel investigation method using low altitude aerial photograph
Ken‐ichi UMEZU and Osamu TOMATSU 19

Technical Reports

Characteristic of hot ash clouds movement and deposition after separation from it's main body of lava dome collapse‐induced pyroclastic flow
Takashi YAMADA 29

Research Notes

Applicability of a new rainfall index R′ for recent cases and proposal of the method for warning against sediment‐related disaster
   Shinji NAKAI, Masahiro KAIBORI, Yasushi SASAKI and Takeo MORIWAKI 37
Bursting process of a landslide dam caused by Typhoon 0514 (Nabi) in the Mimi River, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, and suggestions regarding evacuation procedures when a landslide dam bursts
   Miki CHIBA, Toshio MORI, Tathuo UCHIKAWA, Takahisa MIZUYAMA and Yoshifumi SATOFUKA 43

Technical Notes

Development of unfixed suspended sediment sampler
  Fumito TAKAHASHI, Yuichi ONDA, Hiroaki KATO and Taro UCHIDA 48

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