International symposium on sediment disasters
under the influence of climate change and tectonic activity (3rd)

Scheduled at 26th and 27th September, 2013
Venue: Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Sponsored by Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering

Deadline and Milestone

Submission of abstract March 29, 2013
Notification of abstract acceptance April 30, 2013
Submission of full-paper July 31, 2013
2nd Circular (Program) August 25, 2013
End of Registration September 20, 2013
Symposium September 26-27, 2013
Submission of revised full-paper November 30, 2013
Publishing of papers March 31, 2014

Aims and Scope

Climate change and tectonic activity are globally known as causes of serious sediment disasters. Series of damages due to sediment disasters in Asian-Pacific region have been reported. High and intense rainfall due to typhoon and cyclone increases the probability of localized deep seated landslides and debris flows. Large scale sediment disasters were also assosiated with earthquake and volcanic activity.

Scientists and land managers have to tackle the sediment disasters under the influencing changes climate and tectonic activities. Some of the geomorphic and hydrologic processes and magnitude of disasters are unexpectedly overwhelmed to our scientific knowledge, prediction ability, and mitigation techniques. Therefore, new scientific approaches and mitigation technologies should be developed for finding solutions in our land use planning and disaster prevention. Integration of the latest sciences and technology in both local and regional studies are required to prediction of sediment disasters and develop warning systems and countermeasures under the changing environment.

The aims of this symposium are to assemble and discuss the sediment dynamics under the influencing climate change and tectonic activities in Asia and Pacific region. We will share the scientific knowledge for understanding and predicting processes in various fields of hydrology, geomorphology, geology, meteorology, and hydraulics. We also integrate knowledge and perspectives for mitigation and countermeasures of erosion control. We Would like to broadly call for papers that are interested in these aspects in the Asia-Pacific region. Contributions of this symposium consist of keynote lectures by invited speakers and poster presentations of associate participants. The scientists, technicians and land managers who are interested in this symposium, especially in Pacific Rim countries, are welcome to participation and contribution.

We will design a more interactive program for the symposium. In the workshop session, discussion among young scientists will be coordinated and focus on emerging issues of the processes related to sediment disasters and methodologies for effective evaluation of these processes. We are also planning to produce a special issue to be published in an international journal. This will help achieving more widespread communication of presentations and contribution on post-symposium discussion.